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Midnight and Noon


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Free signups on Johnny now reset every 12 hours at midnight UTC and noon UTC.

For the last 8 years we've been offering new free signups starting at midnight UTC and staying open as long as we can, but also not allowing too many accounts to keep the uptime high. This works great for most of the world. For instance, signups reset at 4pm to 8pm in the US, 10pm in Brazil, 12am in England, 1am in France, 1am in Germany, 2pm in Hawaii, 7pm in Peru, 1pm in New Zealand, 8am to 11am in Australia, 9am in Japan, 8am in China, 5:30am in India, etc. However, between India and Germany not many people are awake when signups open.

We get a lot of complaints from people living in those areas, and our responses have always been, "I had to stay up until 2am three nights in a row to get my account", or "I had to stay up until 3am to get my account", or "You could just donate $1 and get an account whenever", or "You're lucky because there wasn't even an option to donate back in the day when I got my account".

Johnny has been really stable the last year since we started offering free signups again, and we feel like we can increase the number of new accounts that we give out each day. Instead of increasing the number of accounts available at midnight UTC we instead decided to offer signups twice per day to help out those people who don't want to set an alarm and wake up at 4am just to get a free hosting account. Let us know what you think of this change.

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