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False Malware Reports


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We have received quite a few false positive malware reports for our website. The reason is because of the Arc.io CDN that we've been using for the last few years. When we started using it we were getting about $500 per year which is a great source of income for a non-profit, and the little blue dot in the bottom left corner was no where near as annoying as regular ads. In the last year we've made less than $15 from it though, and most antivirus programs and malware programs now report the CDN as malware.

We've decided that it is no longer worth it. We can probably get more than $15 per year from donations from people who would have otherwise avoided our website due to the false malware report. There is no way to know how many people have found our website, but decided to use a different hosting provider because of this issue. We've contacted the antivirus and malware detection companies plenty of times, but they won't fix the issue on their end. One of our VPS customers can't even pay for his VPS because his computer refuses to even open our payment page, and he can't figure out how to turn off his antivirus or whitelist our website.

Thanks for all the money over the years, Arc.io, but the time has come to move on. If you use an antivirus or malware product that reports our website is bad please submit another false positive report for us now that Arc.io is gone, and hopefully we can get this mess cleaned up together. Thanks!

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