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Donor signups open


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You can now signup for a new account as a donor at https://heliohost.org/tommy/

Since we're still sending out invites to donors you won't be able to choose a donation amount lower than our current position on the waitlist though. So, for instance, if the next person on the waitlist donated $7 you won't be able to choose the $6 donation level because it wouldn't be fair for you to get your account first before someone who donated more than you. As we make our way down the waitlist more and more of the donor plans will open up automatically.

Progress on the waitlist is going well, and we're still sending 10 invites per day. We have also begun work setting up the Johnny server. Our hope with Johnny is to be able to open new free registrations before much longer, and get some of the waitlist people on there if they want to. Setting up Johnny won't take nearly as long as Tommy did because we can just copy over most of the settings from Tommy. Our website and backend have already been rewritten to work with Plesk so they will work with Johnny as well. We are also looking at offering Java again, and maybe Ruby on Rails too. We would also like to implement the ability to add domains, delete domains, and edit DNS records to Plesk before much longer.

Obviously there is a lot going on at HelioHost right now, and what we shared above is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any feedback on what features you'd like to see us prioritize please let us know. If you have any questions we'd love to answer them for you too.

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Yep, the donor plans can be found at https://heliohost.org/tommy/ Within a few seconds after you make your donation you should receive an email invite to create a new Tommy account to the email address that you created your PayPal account with. The $1 plan isn't currently available because there are donors who have given more than that who don't have an account yet, but after they're taken care of that plan will open up too.

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