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Donor Invites Being Sent


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Great news! We are now sending out invites to donors again starting immediately.

We started sending new account creation invites using slightly modified cPanel code a while back, but quickly realized that there were too many bugs. We decided to start over entirely and redesign the new account creation process again from the ground up with Plesk in mind. It was a lot more work, but we think it was worth it. The previous cPanel new account creation code has remained largely untouched since it was implemented in 2016, and we created over 100k accounts using that old code. We've learned a lot from our time creating so many accounts, and we hope that the new Plesk code will perform even better.

We also have more great news! Gmail has begun delivering our emails instead of deleting them.

More often than not the emails end up in the spam box, but if you flag them as not spam future emails will be delivered to the inbox. It's a great step in the right direction, and a lot better than our invites being deleted entirely. If you're not a big fan of email, or you're afraid you'll miss your invite in the spam box you can link your Discord account or improve your position in the queue using the ETA page https://heliohost.org/eta/

All of the HelioHost staff are really excited to be able to create new accounts again, and we're hoping this feature rollout will go smoothly. Once all the donors are on Plesk we will begin moving the free accounts as well. We will start out only sending a few invites per day, but as the new account creation gets well tested we will increase the rate of invites.

Now that new account creation is implemented we can turn our attention to other tasks such as getting Django and Flask running on Tommy, setting up Johnny, and adding or deleting domains through Plesk. If you have any issues or have any questions let us know.

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