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Java/JSP on Tommy


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Hello, hope I am not disturbing but was wondering when/if we would be allowed to deploy again Java/JSP war files on Tommy. Pleks is now working great for me on Tommy but I was wondering if/when I could continue my Java developments and testing on Heliohost. The new academic year is about to start and not sure anymore about working on Heliohost without having any Java/JSP. Thanks for some ideas/words. Alex

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The top priority right now is getting new account creation working. We started sending invites with some of the old cPanel code and quickly realized that it all needed to be rewritten, like most everything so far. There are still several hundred donors who are waiting for an account. Based on our testing I would say that most of the bugs are worked out of the new account creation so hopefully we can start sending invites again in the next week maybe as long as everything goes well.

After that we could work on Java, Django, and Flask. Obviously we can't give you any sort of concrete date that it would be available because we've never done any of this Plesk work before so we have no idea how long it's going to take and how many issues we're going to have setting it up.

Have you considered a VPS? They start at only $4 per month, and we can help you get Java set up on it. We could get you running with Java within a few hours. I'm not even completely sure that Java will work at all on Plesk so it may never happen. Hopefully I can get something figured out though.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. Sorry perhaps I misunderstand, but it sounds as if you indicate that even with the VPS it is still possible that my brass-db-one.war file (which is still my home directory) cannot be deployed for returning to its status from before the cPanel problem occurred about a year ago? For the time being I would be fine if I knew the atomic database is back online, so I can point my new students to it before restarting any discussions to improve the JSP interface.

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