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[Solved] Issue with Plesk ETA and account


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Saw that you've been working on the new Plesk control panel and published an ETA page. I donated last year using my paypal which is linked to an email address that I used to use for an old account on here. The paypal used was my yahoo account and the email I use for this active account is my gmail. Wanted to see if I could get that changed so when I type trenten or my gmail account into the ETA page it shows up correctly.

the emails in question are trentenmarschel@

currently, if I enter trenten into ETA page I get nothing. If I enter my Yahoo email, it shows up, and my Gmail email shows nothing. my gmail and "trenten" account should both be linked.





2021-12-10 14_45_03-Plesk ETA _ HelioHost - Waterfox Classic.png

2021-12-10 14_45_24-Plesk ETA _ HelioHost - Waterfox Classic.png

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On 12/10/2021 at 9:49 PM, flazepe said:

Escalating to Krydos...


Looking at other donation email issue threads, I'll give this information.

Transaction ID: 7NT88027T41109812

Donation amt: $25

Donation date: October 13th, 2020





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