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Tomcat Upgrade on Tommy


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It's time to upgrade the Tomcat version running on Tommy. The 8.5.24 version we're currently running on both Johnny and Tommy was released in 2017 so we're well overdue for an upgrade. The plan is to make a massive jump all the way to Tomcat 10.0. This will likely require a complete rewrite of our custom java management software which might take some time. We plan to start the upgrade process on 2021-07-10 and it may take a week or two to finish. During this time Tomcat won't be available on Tommy. If you have java enabled on your Tommy account you have 3 options:

  1. Stay on Tommy and just not have java access until the however long it takes to complete the upgrade.
  2. Signup for a VPS where you'll have the entire server to yourself to run java.
  3. Transfer your account to Johnny for free so you can continue using java while the upgrade is in progress, and then we can move you back to Tommy for free after the upgrade is done.

If we don't hear from you we will assume you want to go with option #1. Java hosting is one of our biggest features, and we're really excited to offer a cutting edge version of Tomcat. Start testing your java applications now on Tomcat 10.0 to make sure you're ready for the upgrade. Johnny will eventually be upgraded to the same Tomcat version as Tommy.

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