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[Answered] How to use the domain e-mail


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Hi! I want to use my e-mail (gomgo@gomgo.heliohost.us) to send and receive e-mail, how do i login in the e-mail. i use Windows, so use Windows Live Mail is my option, but is impossible, windows live mail is actuatually discontinued and impossible to use, so i can't use it, i tried to send me the instructions, but i don't receive anythingh, i tried to use the webmail with roundcube and horde, but i get 500 Error, so i want to use the e-mail, what can i do?





Edit: I'm in the Johnny's Server

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For anyone else who finds this, you can use any mail client you want.


Log in to cpanel. Click Email Accounts. Click Connect Devices to the right of the email account you want to use. Then simply type in the manual settings into your mail client. We recommend using SSL/TLS. Also I usually recommend using the server name instead of the incoming server and outgoing server that cpanel lists. For example it might say mail.krydos.heliohost.org and I think it works better if you put tommy.heliohost.org in your mail client instead. It's possible you could mess up your dns settings, or the SSL certificate on your personal domain could expire. If you use the server name it's less likely to break.


Also roundcube and horde webmail are available on port 2096. So if your account is on Tommy you could go to https://tommy.heliohost.org:2096/ to log in directly to your mail account.

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Yeah I like to connect it to Gmail: bit.ly/3eWE9Hu (do everything the same just do johnny.heliohost.org as the POP and SMTP server).


However If cPanel emails are just toooooo slow, you need to send a lot of emails, and/or you need more email accounts then I recommend trying out Yandex. You first sign up and create an account and organization. Then you go to admin and add your domains (the first one is the main domain the others are aliases). After that you add their MX record, SPF, and DKIM records. Click add a person and fill in the mandatory info and write your email and passwords. 


Done, you signed up with Yandex.


The best part is that Yandex has a email limit of 1000 email accounts with 10 GB in each. The email sending limit is 500 sent emails (if an email is sent to for example 5 people then that counts as 5 emails) every 24 hrs.


Plus, for some reason the cPanel email is pretty slow (sometimes takes around 3 minutes for emails to show up) but in Yandex it takes less than 20 seconds. 

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