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Queued: aaa01

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Username: aaa01

Server: Johnny

Domain name: labs.aravindhan.life


The website is in queued state for nearly 5 days. Today i tried to change it as my main domain but still it is in queue. I tried clearing cache and also tried on other device.

Kindly help

Thank You


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Please change your name servers to ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org. Right now, you have the ns1.heliohost.org in a CNAME record, which won't work and is why you're having trouble. You need to use NS records specifically for proper functionality. 


If you are unable to use NS records for some reason, set the domain as your main domain on your Johnny account, then create an A record pointed to instead on the domain. Please keep in mind that in this configuration, many features will not work (DNS, advanced mail features, subdomains, etc.), and we will be unable to provide any support for an account used in such a manner.

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