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Doubts Java Soap in heliohost


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I have doubts about this host.


I am developing a Java soap service, can I ?:


Execute the mysql connector driver on your host to connect to the DB?

Run tomcat ?, which max version?, Java max version?

Do I have to use EJB or just uploading the project on your host will it work?

Do I need permits with the EJB?


The idea is to do it without the EJB (because sometimes when deploying the project many errors arise)


You could tell me what I could do or what I have to do when I have a Java SOAP JAX-WS. For the DB issue, can I use ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB or other drivers in Java?


That they fulfill these steps:

1 - How to upload a SOAP on your host?

2 - Once uploaded how to check that everything is correct

3 - Run the server

4 - Test the project through the URL.



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Applications have to be in the form of either a WAR archive or flat JSP files. JSP can be uploaded like any other language, WAR is deployed through cPanel. JSPs don't require they be started, WARs start on their own after they deploy. If your application is in one of these formats, it might run here.


We do not offer shell access of any sort, and Krydos has to provide logs by request if they're needed. Tomcat is version 8.5.24 on both servers, Java is 1.8 I believe, but not sure on the exact revision of it since I do very little with Java. Most on here typically ask about database connections using JDBC, that should work. I'm not sure if the others are supported here or not.


Also, Johnny has a wait of about a month for Java access, so assuming you didn't already request it, you're looking at mid-September before you can do anything unless you want to move to Tommy (which has a wait of about 3 days).


If you need something that doesn't meet the above supported program types, you need shell access, you need a different version of Java, or you need access without waiting, you'll need to buy a VPS instead. You get full root access on a VPS and can run whatever you want.

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