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Problem with Git setup

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I would like to have continous integration on my web application such that when I push my code, it is deployed.

In order to do that I decided to create a git repository on cPanel.

I cannot see the URL for the repository.

Here's the tutorial I'd like to follow: 

The current status of the UI is attached.

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The clone URL in the video is for SSH access and Heliohost accounts don't allow this (except on the VPS accounts).
There's a banner at the top of the CPanel Git config. page in my account that says:

Warning: Your system administrator must enable shell access to allow you to view clone URLs.

Git also supposably supports HTTP/S URLs, not that I fully understand how this works for uploading.
I tried it once by creating a git repo under ~/public_html/, but although I tried hard, I couldn't get it to work (I can't find my notes on this, so not sure what the exact errors were). The Git documentation is far from clear on how HTTP-hosted repos work (though I don't find it particularly clear about anything for that matter).

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I've never tried HTTP-based git on HelioHost, but even before they had the option, I was using git-ftp to manage files. This won't create a full-fledged git repo, but it uses its own system to simulate a git push: if files are changed on your repo, it will change exactly those files on the destination FTP server as well.


If you're only using git to deploy changes, this might be the right thing for you, but note that you will have to always use the same computer to push, and ideally have the source code itself hosted elsewhere if you want to do regular git stuff as well.

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