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[Solved] Asp.Net Core support


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Yes and it’s currently on a separate server called Lily, and our root admin Wolstech is in charge. :)

First of all, you need to switch over to Tommy server because that’s where Lily is. Not on Johnny, unfortunately. Just make a donation of minimum $1.00 at Heliohost.org/donate. Next copy your transaction ID and paste it here. Our root admins will verify it and once it’s verified, they will move your account over to Tommy.

Second of all, Lily supports ASP.NET Core 3.1. Please keep in mind that Lily is experimental and has no real user interface beyond FTP and PhpMyAdmin. Wolstech will have to make changes for you if you need certain things done like registering applications.

I will escalated to him so he can set it up for you after you switched. :)

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