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[Answered] Doubt - Lily Server, Cron jobs and External Access


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Hi there!


I've some questions I haven't found around yet. Sorry if it's duplicate.


I'm on Lily Server running asp.net core flawlessly since past year. My Xamarin app is growing up and I'm thinking about adding an automatized service data update since I'm doing this by hand.


The point is: there're public server that serves some files (they're no more than 3 megabytes in size) that I wish to download once a day, process and update my database. To do this, I'd develop an specific action in my asp.net core app that would do this job.


Please, could you point me if is there any restrictions that heliohost applies to this kind of processing? Assuming there isn't restrictions, is there a way to cron a job on Lily Server that would open asp.net core action, like a web browser does? 


I hope I've explained what I'm trying to do!



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Thanks for your responses and tips!


I ended up to redesign my solution and now I'm making the scraping part using nodes.js + puppeter.


Please, could you tell me if it's possible to run nodes.js on Tommy? Maybe I could start the scraping with a cron on Tommy and when it finishes, it'll automatically make a call to my app in Lily through my node script...


Now I'm running scraping on my machine which is calling Lily directly... The bad part is that I can't run it everyday since I'm not alway here and I can't leave my PC powered up all time :(


Thanks as alway, guys!


PS.: sorry for the late response.

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