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[Solved] Can't connect to mysql remotely


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So I crated an account, log on to my cpanel, using database wizard created mysql db and user for it. Then I added % in mysql remote section. Now i'm trying to connect to my db using datagrip.


my db name is: cvazer_dnd

my username is: cvazer_hub


URL:   jdbc:mysql://johnny.heliohost.org:3306/cvazer_dnd


And it is not working =( I'm not getting any errors it simply can't connect to remote host for some reason


I switched off all ssl flags in connection settings on my side


So what am I doing wrong?



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Can you try connecting using an SQL client (e.g. the mysql command line tools) and see if it that works?


We've had issues in the past with Java talking to mysql (usually the error is too many connections though).

mysql --host=johnny.heliohost.org --user=cvazer_hub --password=<my_password> cvazer_dnd

this bash command on linux mint seems to be the same. Just hangs and after a while says "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'johnny.heliohost.org' (110)"

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