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[Solved] Issue with receiving heliohost emails


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I have not been able to receive a backup email (even when manually having it sent by Krydos... until he sent the link in word form). Today, I tried retrieiving the backup again at https://www.heliohost.org/backup/ just to test and it somehow arrived...after about an hour.


My question is, is this issue on HelioHost's end? My email is an @me.com email. How do I make sure my Tommy invitation link arrives to me without problems? (I’m aware i can just wait till all the invites are sent and if I didn’t get mine by then, then i can get an admin to send it manually. However, I’d rather get this looked at so I don’t experience such issues in the near future).


Please help.


P.S. It seems that my email provider did not block no-reply@heliohost.org. I tried signing up again just to test (I didn’t actually continue with creating the account) and the verification email was sent to me successfully so that is not the root cause.


Thanks and apologies if I’ve been annoying you with this issue on discord lately.

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In my testing to gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and icloud the emails all arrived within seconds. Maybe it was just a fluke.

No clue. I’ve had my new tommy account email changed to gmail to (hopefully) avoid this in the near future.

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