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[Answered] Email delivery broken, perhaps by move to Ricky


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Hi, everybody.


Due to Tommys breakdown, I moved temporarily to Ricky... and started having problems with email receipt and delivery.


The email for my domain (infantex.com.mx) is managed by GoogleApps, so I went and deleted the default MX record(s) in cPanel and replaced them with the ones indicated by Google (https://support.google.com/a/answer/33915). Email delivery was slow and sometimes intermitent: I would send a test email to our five addresses and two of them would receive nothing... But it was intermitent not permanent, I mean, if I send another test email to the account that received none, this time the email would be received.


I attributed this to the fact that Ricky was slower than Tommy... Though, as the email is managed not by HelioHost's servers but by Google Apps, I don't know how this can be the case. In fact, after Tommy's crash and before I moved to Ricky, I had absolutely no problems with the email, even if the site was down, email kept functioning without a hickup. 


But since yesterday, I can't sent or receive email. When sending email I receive a 550 error, for example:


550 The mail server could not deliver mail to cfdi@infantex.com.mx. The account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns entries.


And when sending, I receive an authentication error or the email is simply lost (no send error but isn't received).


I can login to Google Apps using the accounts and passwords, so the accounts do exist.


What am I missing or doing wrong?


Any help is appreciatted.



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I don't see Google Apps set up anywhere:

> set type=mx
> infantex.com.mx ns1.heliohost.org
Server:  ns1.heliohost.org

infantex.com.mx MX preference = 0, mail exchanger = infantex.com.mx
infantex.com.mx nameserver = ns2.heliohost.org
infantex.com.mx nameserver = ns1.heliohost.org
infantex.com.mx internet address =
ns1.heliohost.org       internet address =
ns2.heliohost.org       internet address =

The system appears to be configured to use Ricky as the mail exchanger, which would explain why Google mailboxes can't be found.


Check your DNS entries for Google Apps. They were probably lost during the server move (a bunch of custom DNS got lost on my account as well, all got replaced with Ricky's IP...)

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