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Support for IPV6


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We don't offer IPv6 addresses for our servers and do not support accessing hosted sites via IPv6. Tommy websites are accessible via an IPv4 shared IP, which is We do offer dedicated IPv4 addresses for $12/year as well.


Not supporting it keeps things simple and also keeps costs down, which makes sense considering that 99.999% of users support accessing servers using IPv4, whereas less than 30% of systems support IPv6 (about 20% globally, though the USA is at about 32%) and that number shrank last year.


However, cPanel does support the addition of AAAA records to DNS zones, so if you have your own IPv6 server and wanted to point a subdomain to it, you can do so.

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You can use Cloudflare for IPv6, although there is noticeable slowdown with dynamic websites (if you have not set up caching).


Or maybe hope until they decide to do something like a tunnel mechanism (like Tunnelbroker.net) or adding directly support within the system by buying IPv6 blocks.

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