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[Solved] Deploy The Java War File


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We are now testing a brand new automated java servlet deployment system on Tommy since this feature is so overwhelmingly popular. Previously you needed to make a post on the forums each time you wanted your java servlet deployed, and every time you updated your .war file you would need to make another post to request the new version be deployed. This lead to a lot of work for the admins, and a lot of confusion for our users. To remedy this we are developing a new system that is integrated directly into your control panel. If you're on the Tommy server and want to help us test it out just go to https://tommy.heliohost.org:2083/frontend/paper_lantern/java/index.live.php like you did to request java in the first place. Then at the bottom of the page (if you have java enabled) there will be a new interface to upload and deploy your .war files. Please be aware that this system is still in testing and for now the deployment may take several hours to complete, but once the system is more fully tested we expect the deployment time to decrease considerably. Let us know if you have any questions.

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