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A glitch?


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Here's what it says in my hosting status from cpanel.


Account Status


Your account is under the Posting plan.

It was registered on 05/02/07.

Your account expires on 10/02/07.

You have about 93 days of hosting left.




This was a glitch where when I went to renew my hosting status and it was loading painfully slow. And I pressed renew 3 times or so (I did not hack or anything and don't even know how). And now I have 93 days worth of hosting as a result. As you can see, my post count surely contradicts that. Just letting you know djbob. :mellow:

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Yeah, if you did it enough, yo could get a year of plus hosting for just 1000 posts, or any time span of hosting, they would never need to post again to raise suspicion. I'm not exactly sure if djbob goes from account to account on a daily bases checking all the numbers to see if they add up.

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