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Setting up cronjobs


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I just got a question on how to setup cron jobs:

Let's say: I got a file named clean.php in my public_html folder, and I want that file to be executed every hour (every day, every week, every month --> I can do this)

What should the command then be (using the standard version of the cronjob in the Cpanel)?


-- iLLeLogicaL --

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Now that isn't very helpfull since I googled for it already to many times, and I get some stupid errors!

Should I change permissions maybe ?

It seems that the corntab DOESN'T recognize php,

I always get the error on line 1: ?php no such file or directory

How the heck do I tell the crontab to execute php?


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Generates this output:

/home/julius/public_html/bot.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory

/home/julius/public_html/bot.php: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `"file_name.php"'

/home/julius/public_html/bot.php: line 2: `include_once("file_name.php");'

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Using Google isn't that hard :P

If you don't know what cron is or how to setup cron, you've got to be really careful using it. Cron is the most dangerous feature we offer, and its taken our servers down a few times. DO NOT EXECUTE YOUR COMMAND MORE THAN ONCE EVERY HOUR. Once again, be really careful.

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