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Why is there an ad code on my site?


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I have already bought standard hosting on May 2nd. And now today, I noticed these banner ad codes being automatically added to every page of my hosted site. And not only that, it doesn't even show up right. What gives? What did I do wrong?


By the way, my site is a guild site for an online game, so if anything seems weird like our way of speaking, it is because of the nature of the game lol.

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Well it's annoying to a lot of users, especially the ones with posting-based packages that shouldn't even be having ads displayed. cPanel likes to add this random .htaccess into the /tmp directory when it upgrades sometimes, and that's what causes these problems.

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Just let the ad code be. It's not going to any harm (right?)


I actually wouldn't mind if there had to be ads on my page for financial support of Heliohost--if only they were decent looking. These ads appear messed up on my guild site and it ruins the layout.


They were gone for a while up until a few hours ago and now they've returned.

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Sorry to but into the thread, but I thought I'd post here instead of creating a new one. Yeah, they've appeared on my website as well, I'm the Ads Standard plan. My site is http://slayercity.heliohost.org


I'm not rushing you to get it finished but I'm launching my site later today and it would be nice if that nasty PHP code dissapeared within the next week or so. :)

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