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George W. Bush

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I was tottaly astonished when he was re-elected... how did that happened?

We have way too many incompetant dick holes in the U.S. who havnt a clue and refuse to believe that Bush is one of them. They think hes god cuz he went to war, and are all pissed at the protesters, relating them to the hippies of the vietnam war, but did they ever stop and think, hey, the hippies were right back then. I come to this conclusion. Most people are only alive because its illigal to kill them.

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I dont know if its true or not but someone at my school was out for two days and rumor was that he had said he was going to kill the president and the FBI was checking him out. I'm not saying that someone shouldnt kill him though... lol.

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oh. i don't think that would stop a NUT really. i mean that JFK had security too.


and bush sux. i don't know why americans like him. it must be the stupid happy-go-lucky face that he shows everyone...

And the fact that, when you think about it, a good portion of the population (not just the US) is made up of morons, doesnt help.

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Why one of those nuts who loves to kill important people didn't shot him?? It will be a good to humanity

You guys really should stop critizing him. I mean, would you really wish death upon a person whose trying to do a good thing? I mean, he may suck at it, but he's a good guy at heart. He doesn't deserve to die.


Although I ain't a big bush fan, I don't hate him either. He's not as bad as some people portray him. All of you have stated your hate for him, but I haven't seen one legitimate argument against him except that he started the war, which sucked.


I'm not a republican, nor a democrat for that matter. I am thinking of joining the Green party though... my best friends Mickey Mouse and Fred Flinstone are there (if you don't know what I'm talking about, google it :)).

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Yes, he started a war, but thats not the issue. He went after the wrong people, a country that had nothing to do with it, and that pisses me off, and untill I hear an update about the supposed search for osama bin laden, bush will always be a [bleeped!] up.

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