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[Solved] Queued: Yashjain

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HelioHost username : yashjain

the server : johnny.heliohost.org

HelioHost main domain : smartpark.heliohost.org


I registered for smartpark.heliohost.org domain on johnny server at around 12.30 pm on 17th march 2016. It's been more than 24hrs and the site is still not active. Earlier while creating the account it was said it will activated within 24 hrs but yet pending.

When i type in the address smartpark.heliohost.org

it always shows:


Account Queued


Ahoy! You're seeing this page because HelioHost has not gotten about to installing and configuring your account yet. This process usually takes about 24 hours, and once it is complete your website should show up properly. While the account is being created we suggest taking a look at your control panel.


Please can you make the site active as ear;y as possible.

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