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please can you help me with configuration of thunderbird to have access to my mail at heliohost?


via http://stevie.heliohost.org:2095/ i'm able to access email without any problem...


When i try to configure thunderbird, it is not possible to verify setup:


Name: info@mydomain.cz

E-mail: info@mydomain.cz

Password: <<same as i use for web login>>

IMAP stevie.heliohost.org 993 SSL/TLS Password secured transfer

SMTP stevie.heliohost.org 465 SSL/TLS Password secured transfer

Username for both incoming and outgoing: info@mydomain.cz



As far as I know all is set up correctly... but connection is not possible to create.

Do you see any problem?


Thank you very much



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Use unsecured pop3 in gmail (not sure if still an option). Our OpenSSL is outdated, and we don't buy certificates since we can't afford them. Outlook 2010 supports it, but 2013/2016 don't. Thunderbird requires v31.7 or older (which is almost 10 versions out), etc.


The unsecured connections work perfectly in almost everything, but its just that...unsecured.


The forwarding does work, but is mutually exclusive with mailboxes. If you have a mailbox for an address you cannot have a forwarder for it (well, you can, but it'll be ignored). I use forwarders for everything (forwards to my gmail just fine).

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