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I will do a few services in php for your site if you'd like, ranging in price. Some stuff I can do is chatbox/shoutbox, navagation links (php?content=this) stuff like that, admin systems, news systems, etc...


Or you can request one for 200 helions each request!


Here's the list I have so far:


Don't Request! News System w/ Administration- 300 Helions

Don't Request! Chatbox/shoutbox- 150 Helions

Navagation System- 100 Helions

Don't Request! Uploader- 250 Helions

Don't Request! Administration w/ Site- 400 Helions

User Registration/Login- 350 Helions (+200 w/ Users Online Showing Each Members)


I will give discounts from time to time...


Discount: For the next month I will be giving the "Back-to-school" Sale... Which means you get everything half off!


Also, requests are 200 helions so remember that when asking for one. They may seem a bit high, but that is because of the quality, time, and work it takes for me to do this hand coded and uniquely made (I will not use anyone's scripts like download one from hotscripts and put it on there).


If you are interested, please post here. Be reassured that I will need admin access to databases and ftp programs, so I advise you change the passwords, give the new one to me while I do the service, then change them back when I am done for security.. although I will not mess with anything else. I will try to get instant install work for you to download soon, but in the meantime, this will have to do. Please post if you are interested, and if I can do it, please pm me the account name and password for ftp and database cpanel along with the site link. Thanks.



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Aw, heck. Any chance you could make me a news system that allow people to reply and only takes a line or 2 as site integration? Looking kinda like the one I have, possibly avatar support ;) , and some kind of moderation, so I don't have people posting crap about my stuff.


And then, instead of making my own, could you make me a guestbook? Wouldn't be too hard.


If you can, I'll get you an ftp account set up, and give you mysql info. And in case this is a plot to get rid of my website, I have it backed up on my hd, every single part.

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Alright, Mr. E-Tronic Gaming.


I've got a good offer for you. I'll give you 6000 Helions (one year of hosting / a domain name) if you do the following:


I want you to create an auto-install php program for me. I want it to be able to auto-create accounts. See here: http://www.nebrix.net/help/whm/UsingCpanel...ngPhpModule.htm for info. on how to make it.


I've got just one more major thing that I want from you: I want it to require a password, in the following way:

<http://www.heliohost.org/signup.php?password=12836193679142715497149712794917241> or something. An make it so it can auto-generate a new password each time I click a button. So remember, auto account creater utility according to http://www.nebrix.net/help/whm/UsingCpanel...ngPhpModule.htm, with a password that auto-generates when I click a button. Oh yah, make the button on a seperate php file. Don't bother protecting the button file, I'll handle that. And have the button display the new password when it auto-generates it.

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I'm on it then! Well, I think I understand... let me put this in my words and tell me if I'm correct: You want a system that creates user's their hosting account when you enter in the desired info like username, password, etc...? But in order for you to get into the system, you want to be able to enter a password so it is a protected page, and then when you are done it changes the password to something else and gives it to you for future reference so only you can use it securily? If so, then I will need to know some database info like what database to connect to, and what the tables are called, because I can't enter mysql queries into the script if I don't know what database and tables it needs to be entered into. I haven't installed cpanel before, so I wouldn't know all the parts to it, but I have a good idea on how to use their functions... I just need to know the database. I'll let you enter the password and user info for the database for security. Also, I need hosting to be able to test the script on, so if you could, could you provide me temporary hosting so that I can work on the script?

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Well, I want the password to be like "?password=9142791," so its numeric, and so that I can give a link with the password to someone, without them having to enter it. The rest is right. Except, I don't think you need a database. This is the sample program on that site I showed you:


require '/usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Accounting.php.inc';
$host = "localhost";
$user = "<USERNAME HERE>";
$accesshash = '<REMOTE ACCESS KEY HERE>';

$accts = listaccts($host,$user,$accesshash,0);

$pkgs = listpkgs($host,$user,$accesshash,0);


As you see, instead of using a database, it justs requires "'/usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Accounting.php.inc';", and sends the data that way. At least thats what I understand... the sample program doesn't use databases at all. BTW, that is the official WHM/CPanel manual thing, if you check any WHM manual you can find it. As in, its made by the CPanel guys. So it can't be wrong... I don't think... lol.


And sure, I'll give you a test account. Except it'll be really small... but it should suffice.

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ok thanks... pm me the info on the account so i can upload it and test it... i thought you might like a nice layout to use, so I'm making the script really nice looking (i mean the interface layout you will use to do the stuff on) Wow, this might be easier than I thought..


I will try the best i can to get you a good automated account system!


I've been trying to get domain hosting for over a year now, and I'm proud to see a free domain, so for that I definately will have to work hard :)


Oh, and I can't do any more php mods right now for others so don't request... once I finish djbob's I'll start requests again because this is a biggggg project.

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k, got it. BTW, I'm going to go ahead and give you a nice intergrated layout and php site, so that you can suspend, show accounts, etc... along with the account creator ok?

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Go ahead if you want, but I already have something that does that for me, and it works fine... packaged with CPanel, called WHM. So I don't really need it, but if you want... don't waste too much time on it though, OK?

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ok.. nvm then.. i'll just do what you asked for.. oh and read all the pms i sent you (ignore the password/username one though) but what is the remote access key and user for the database? also, read the latest pm... did you want the ad account system for users when they register on the site and signup for one, or the other one?

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