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[Solved] The Document Root Of A Wildcard Subdomain Did Not Really Update


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The old Document Root of the wildcard "*.firm.tk" subdomain is "/public_html/domains". And I've change it now to "/public_html" and the system print such as its document root has been updated.




But until now, when I visit the URL "blog.firm.tk", it looks like its document root is still at "/public_html/domains" because I'm still seeing its subdirectory "cgi-bin/" that's listed therein the main web page. Could any admin fix it?


Could you please really update the document root of the wildcard "*.firm.tk" subdomain to the "/public_html" directory? Thanks!

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Oops.. It's now really updated to the "/public_html" directory!


I don't know if there's an admin or moderator who have fixed it or what.


Conclusion: It may take 24 hours before the document root of a subdomain to be really updated on the server's systems.

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