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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone... I just created my domain in heliohost and i'm triyin to connect with a database from visual basic 2008 but i'm having some issues... what i did: I create the Db. I set the user. I set the permissions. I'm not sure (at all) if I set correctly the sql remote host... What i want is connect with the Db within the server from Visual Basic 2008 in order to finish my program. I was trying and it seems i block the server, because vb2008 says: mysqladmin flush host who can help me? dont know if the topic is already created... thanks in advance!
  2. Hello Guys, I am having this compilation error while running my site : VBNC30451: Could not resolve the name 'Label' It runs without an error when I use IIS Express on my PC. My PC has .Net Framework 4 and 3.5, BTW, While heliohost has .Net Framework 2(mono). I have already changed .Net Framework version in web.config from 4 to 2.0. Still no luck. The error occurs at this line when I declare a variable : Dim label(2) As Label I have my account on the Johnny server. The site's here at bookywormy,uni,me Thanks for your suggestions Yours sincerely, Dhruvit
  3. I want to use the Data Source Configuration Wizard in VB/Visual Studio to add a new database to a DataGrid control but don't know the Server Name, any ideas on what it can be?
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