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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I have a domain(questioninmind.com) can you please map this domain name with my http://subodhc.heliohost.org or can you replace this http://subodhc.heliohost.org from questioninmind.com Thanks & regards
  2. Hi, I can see no option in Apache modules in control panel to change URL Mapping. As you know, home directory "/" is stuffed with many items (cgibin folder, softaculous scripts, etc....). So, I see it`s safer designating another folder (such as"user/home/s" and setting site home variable to that folder instead of "user/home". My idea is that, files, srcipts, folders created and transferred by FTP should go to that folder, so that it shall be safer to delete contents and upload newer ones without fearing of deleting other basic files by mistake. This is possible by an Apache feature called "URL Mapping", but I can`t see it here, so, my question is: Is this feature available here? IF yes, how to access it? If no, is there any other way to do this? Note1: The best known solution is to change home path variable.. and I know how to do this with Apache, but this feature "URL Mapping" does not seem to be available here. Is there any another way to change home path variable, that is supported here? Note2: I may set a 301 redirect that redirects "/home/user/public_html/s/index.html" to "/home/user/public_html/index.html", but I`d like to check there are no problems here. It is more familiar to redirect a home directory to another directory, and not vice-versa... Well, how about "CNAMEs"? I was creating CNAMEs to redirect longer to shorter paths (for example:mail.domain.com instead of mail.google.com/a/domain)...well, I want to verify there`s no problem using it to change paths as described above. Thank you.
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