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Found 2 results

  1. In the area of art I can post my designs? or is private area?
  2. I mentioned in IRC that I'd be up for designing ad banners a couple weeks ago after Krydos had asked, so I figured I'd start a thread here about how that's going and to get feedback from users and staff. Currently my only ad (Work In Progress still) is at http://shinryuukai.t...HHBannerWIP.png but I plan on moving them to ads.shinryuukai.tk once the daemon gets around to setting up that sub. The current one is a static banner, but I can and will make some animated GIFs, if anyone has ideas for improving the current ad or ideas for GIFs please let me know. Also, I know it's huge, I'll scale it down when finished, and clip my stray pencil marks. To access individual layers add .001 .002 or .003 before .png EDIT: If a HelioHost user wants a personalized banner reply to this post with the following: 1) website or company name. 2) color scheme or pallette. 3) rough idea of what you'd like or whether it's up to me. - include size here, refer to wikipedia for standardized sizes. 4) contact email. Keep in mind I'm not a professional artist or graphics designer, and I'm a full time student, it may take a while to get your ads done but it'll get done.
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