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  1. Thank you. Sorry, I've been really busy lately. I'll let you know when I've backed up the VPS files.
  2. How do I back it up? Manually download from ftp? I think the main difference is my blog's WordPress database needs to be transferred over and the files I uploaded over the past few months. Not much else.
  3. I don't know if this is automatic but I got my email asking if I want to move to plesk. After the cpanel issue I moved my account from Tommy to a paid VPS with Hestia, and I'd like to move back to Tommy/Plesk and stop paying for the VPS. I clicked the transfer link in the email. https://robbiewolfe.heliohost.org
  4. For the past twenty minutes I get the following email every 5 minutes: Can't connect to MySQL localhostERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
  5. I got 60 emails from Cron Daemon saying: sudo: unable to resolve host vps11.heliohost.us: Temporary failure in name resolution Different subjects: Cron <admin@vps11> sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-queue restart Cron <admin@vps11> sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-queue backup Cron <admin@vps11> sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-rrd
  6. I'm using a VPN with Hestia until the CPanel situation is resolved. Every so often I get emails from Cron Daemon. Every day for the past week I've been getting the following email: Subject: Cron <admin@vps11> sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-hestia-all Error: hestia update failed Error: hestia-nginx update failed Error: hestia-php update failed How do I resolve this?
  7. Great thanks so much. I guess I'm inexperienced "running my own server".
  8. I'm temporarily using VPS until the dust settles with Tommy's move to Plesk. My websites were all working until last week. Now they all give me a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. I am able to login to hestia and SSH into my server... What's the problem? Username: robev Website: robbiewolfe.heliohost.org Thanks
  9. That's embarrassing. I uploaded it to the wrong server. It's working now. Thanks!
  10. I followed this tutorial. However, when I go to https://robbiewolfe.heliohost.org/node/, it gives a 404 error and redirects to my 404.php page. I tried checking my server errors, but when I click Errors in cPanel the page doesn't load... Any ideas?
  11. It was the same version that used to work. Due to the issue, I ended up upgrading WinSCP to 5.17.9, and still no success. I don't know what version I used to have, just that it used to work. That's why I assumed it was something on heliohost's end, not WinScp.
  12. I'm having the exact same issue. I didn't change my login, and can log into cPanel just fine.
  13. Account: http://robbiewolfe.heliohost.org User: robev Server: Tommy Last I checked I was using around 600 MB of space on my domain, then Tommy died and I reuploaded everything to Ricky, and then was recently moved back to Tommy. I haven't added any new files recently. Tonight I logged in to my account and was notified that I was out of disk space (1.04 GB). How did this happen? Is there a way to check what new files were added? As well, I was notified that my MySQL usage is 66.29 MB / 20.48 KB (331,438.43%). I don't remember it being so large (or the amount of available space being so small). What's going on? EDIT: Nevermind, I think I figured it out. I think my two wordpress blogs have too many spam comments that were backed up several months in a row unnecessarily. Please delete this post.
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