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  1. webbie

    SSL request

    Is there anybody (admin) out there?
  2. webbie

    SSL request

    Hello, I would like SSL enabled for my domain (webbie.be, login: webbie). I don't have certificates, so I will use the ones generated by cPanel. Is it possible to change the certificates afterwards (free certificates, self signed, bought, ...) ? Thx
  3. Hi, I had the same problem. Had to register again (worked with same login and domain) and start over again. Seems that account are deleted a little to fast/easy. Mine was suspended shortly a week before.
  4. Well, the lookup should give an A-record (the IP-address) for www. I made it a subdomain in cPanel. A dns lookup on ns1.heliohost.org with just "webbie.be" doesn't work either... I tried to login through the loginscreen on the bottom of http://www.heliohost.org/home/. That's where I tried the "Reset Password" too (still no mails, not even in spam). I could login here before. (I think one can login to cPanel on any site that is hosted on the server, can't try it now though)
  5. I use my own dns-server, which gives me full control of all the settings. I have a fixed IP at heliohost and it worked before yesterday. So if the fixed IP changed (why a fixed IP then), the site would indeed be unavailable. But I can't query the Heliohost nameservers for www.webbie.be (see code below) And I still can't login to cPanel ("Login Attempt Failed!") and I don't receive the mails from the password reset... It's like my account was removed completely. $ nslookup > server ns1.heliohost.org Default server: ns1.heliohost.org Address: > www.webbie.be Server: ns1.heliohost.org Address: Non-authoritative answer: *** Can't find www.webbie.be: No answer
  6. Well, that's the problem: it's not my root directory...
  7. and it's getting better: a russian wiki has appeared on my domain...
  8. Hello, My site (www.webbie.be) has disappeared. It has been inactive last monday (9-14). But I logged in to cPanel right away, so it was back up. Now I can't even log in to cPanel or FTP and I get a 404-error at www.webbie.be. I tried password reset, but I received no mail. Can you look in to it? Thx, Webbie
  9. Hey djbob, Can you give me a dedicated IP, so I can use https? My Heliohost username is webbie; domain webbie.be Thanks!
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