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  1. Dear sir, I added a domain www.nirmalacorp.com about 3 days ago. The domain showed up after 24 hours. However mail.nirmalacorp.com still shows the "setting up" page. I tried clearing up the cache but it does not work even now. Further when i try to login to the email account, roundcube does not recognise the email id, horde does not give me permissions, whereas i am able to login using squirrel mail. Mails are successfully being sent and recieved using squirrelmail. I am lost as to what the problem is, and what is taking so long to setup the subdomain. ~Rahul Krishna
  2. Dear sir, I've been trying to install drupal via softaculous for last 3 days.. However it fails every time giving me a nasty mysql error. Error details: The following errors were found : Could not make the query numbered : 6 MySQL Error No : 2013 MySQL Error : Lost connection to MySQL server during query I am aware that other people are also having trouble with mysql post stevie crash. However i want to ask when these issues will get solved.Attaching the screenshot. Hope it helps.
  3. I am from India. anyone else from here??
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