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  1. Username: jcxvyc Default domain name: imma.cu.cc Addon domain name: js-seal.co.cc The following error message shows up I've had an account here in Heliohost years ago and js-seal.co.cc is my main domain. I believed that account has been deleted due to inactivity. However I couldn't add js-seal.co.cc as my addon domain now. Thanks for helping.
  2. Hi admins, I've recently created a new account in Heliohost with a different domain name. However I'd still like to add my old domain name as addon domain but I'm encountering this problem I suspect the old records from my previous account in Heliohost is preventing me from adding this domain to my new account as addon domain. Any helps?
  3. Alright, thanks to all supporting admins. I'll create my new account tomorrow, (daily signup limit exceeded) and I think I'll need help from you guys since my forum username is 3 char long.
  4. I believed my heliohost account is in different username, perhaps jcxvyc (but I can't login with my usual password) Can you do a checkup based on my forum username?
  5. I've been gone to other web hosting for almost two years (when Heliohost was down), and I'm again not satisfied with their service. And I found that Heliohost is back!! Yeah! But I've lost my cPanel login information, can any admin pm me with my login information? Many thanks!
  6. JcX

    Missing Files

    I supposed there's no hacking. It's just glitches on the server side (Apache probably) that remains unsolved.
  7. Perhaps it's the downtime which caused this. And nobody is there to fix it now. We've to wait patiently...
  8. As far as I know, Heliohost shouldn't be blocking port25. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Nice words. But since djbob is taking care the site all alone, there's nothing much we can help unless maintaining the peace in this forum and save up some mess for djbob.
  10. We knew that, but somehow for some reason, Helio is solely relying on djbob and he's on something important in real life now. And I believed these aftershocks will end very soon because it seems getting less frequent now.
  11. If you did browsed few of our forum topics, there's really no other way for you to register until djbob is back. Sorry
  12. But just to let you know that server has been unstable in the past. And there's still some "aftershock" even until now. Site will go down once in a few weeks or lesser.
  13. It's absolutely possible, but I don't think that's much practical to be use. Like I said, in diesel engine, there's no spark required to ignite the diesel, it's just using high pressure. And if the bubbles of oxygen you used to pass through the liquid form fuel has enough temperature, the fuel will be ignited by burning the oxygen. HOWEVER, I think the flame will follow the path of the oxygen into the tank full of oxygen, and cause huge explosion, which is not practical. Just piece of comment (as an undergraduate engineer), correct me if anything wrong.
  14. Promised that there's enough pressure in the first tank (filled with ignitable fluid) to cause high temperature that's possible For instance, if you ever look into the engine that uses diesel rather than normal fuel The process occurs inside the engine requires no spark, but just extreme high pressure by piston to raise up the temperature and ignite the diesel. (Pressure high = temperate high)
  15. As the signup has been disabled, nobody but our site admin, djbob can help you Unfortunately, he's not around for long.
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