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  1. goman60

    VPS Ports

    Thanks! Also, I was wondering what content is allowed to be hosted on a VPS? I ended up getting port forwarding working on my router, but I've been wanting to host a Tor Node for a long time. Could I use a VPS for this, or would this violate the TOS?
  2. I want to donate for getting moved higher up in account transfers, but I don't want to pay on-chain transfer fees for something like $1. So do you guys have a lightning address?
  3. goman60

    VPS Ports

    What ports are we allowed to have open on a VPS? I'm thinking about getting one or two temporarily to test a project I'm working on that requires open ports. My router at home won't forward ports for some reason.
  4. Dang it, I can’t use Venmo because they changed their terms of service to where you have to be 18 now. Crypto currency buying apps seem to require 18+ as well.
  5. This sounds awesome! I have a request, can you add .NET support to Tommy now that you have Plesk? And also, do you accept cash app as donation for more storage?
  6. I have been using Godaddy’s web hosting plan for the past year or so, and I am happy to say Heliohost is so much better. First, while Godaddy offers 100x more storage, they limit you on the number of files you can have. Next they have shell access, but it is extremely limited. They also don’t allow you to install third party SSL certificates, they just try to force you to buy their pro SSL plan. They also don’t have as good of a DNS manager. I just wanted to post this for anyone wanting to try them. Heliohost, the free service, is better than Godaddy, the paid one.
  7. I have also determined that HelioHost is the best, but I don't have the funds to pay for a VPS for a free open source project.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a free web host I can use until Heliohost is back up? I need to test some beta files before I push to GitHub. I was thing 000webhost but I really don’t like their restrictions.
  9. Will we loose our data? I have important beta files on my site.
  10. Thanks for the idea! I might be able to use an external cron, my only problem is that I am making a package other developers can download and their server may not be the exact same.
  11. I am using Emiscripten and other compiler tools to create a front and backend for web assembly to make it easier to use. I need things like exec() and shell_exec() to use Emiscripten I believe. I am I mistaken, or is my endeavor doomed?
  12. Can we have the ability to upgrade to PHP 8.0.1? I would like to use str_contains which is only available in 8.0 or up. Please consider giving accounts the ability to upgrade their PHP version.
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