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    Tommy Downtime

    When will it be back up? I heard that the server is getting replaced.No server is getting replaced.. Just that we're going to have a new one. (That isn't a replacement for Tommy... Maybe an extension to it). NOTE: PLEASE REMOVE THIS POST. SOMEHOW IT GOT POSTED TWICE. I noticed that it posts it twice if you click the post/add reply button twice before it’s done posting it
  2. Woo hoo!!!! Congratulations to the entirety of the heliohost family!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  3. I already responded to you on discord. And again, if u experience issues with flarum dm me on discord, I’m very familiar with it.
  4. Oh damn the statistics section does indeed show 1048H/s! Do note that I simply can’t run it 24/7 so if you ever check and find it at 0H/s that’s because I don’t have it running at that time. Hope this isn’t an inconvenience. Quick question: could mining potentially damage/fry a computer? I’ve seen many horror stories online but I’m not sure if they’re true.
  5. What in the actual world!!! Why is the console log thingy showing a hash rate in the 300s
  6. Just tried password reset emails, those aren’t arriving either
  7. Oh wow now it’s worse than it was with xmr-stak and I’ve noticed a huge reduction of performance (it’s so bad the computer is struggling to launch the configuration). Never thought i’ll say this but i guess I’m going to need to go back to xmr-stak. Any way I could do that manually so you don’t have to go through the trouble again?
  8. Yeah flazepe I can confirm that he did initial quote the message with the edited part and then later on removed it to make it seem like he posted his message before I edited mine. Anyways back to topic, which i’ll repeat as my message got spammed out: Wolstech I tried xmrig to mine turtle coin and got a hash rate of 1.2kH/s which is wayyyy better than the 500H/s i got with heliomine.
  9. flazepe I figured, got super confused when i saw krydos using it haha. Anyways how did you quote the post? I’m on mobile and I don’t see the option anywhere. Is it only on the desktop version? Edit: nvm never knew clicking on the post displayed more options including the quote button Anyways back to topic lol
  10. Off topic question: does doing @wolstech even tag you? Because it doesn’t look like it
  11. @wolstech I’m trying different coins and mining software and came across xmrig which gave me a 1.2kH/s hash rate for turtlecoin! That’s quite an improvement from the 500H/s I’m getting with heliomine.
  12. Alright sounds good! I appreciate your efforts!
  13. The heliominer shows a speed that fluctuates from 500 to 900H/s, not sure if it’s showing any errors related to the gpu as I cannot really understand it. If you’re asking about the digiminer, it goes all the way too 8000kH/s, and it shows no errors
  14. @wolstech isn’t there a way to force it to use the GPU? Since i tested it with DigiByte and it did a whopping 8000KH/s ... that wayyyyyyy outperforms just having the cpu alone
  15. @wolstech {0BA47EB5-C4F3-BE56-E4C5-29BC6ED11209}
  16. @wolstech apparently my laptop does have a graphics card, but for some odd reason heliomine isn’t detecting it. It’s an AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series That’s on Window 10 Pro
  17. I’m not very sure how to do that
  18. Aha. So what are my options (if there are any) to get this working on ARM?
  19. @wolstech why is it that shows turtlecoin being mined? They’re using the same mining software
  20. Will this one work? https://github.com/OJosh/CpuMinerRaspberryPiAutoInstall As far as I’m aware, it supports turtlecoin. I’ve referred to
  21. I’ve already tried the linux version, it errors out saying i need an x86 system. I heard that there’s a java version in development which can be run on a browser, is it still being actively developed? And can we expect it anytime soon? Also, isn’t there a way I could find some sort of ARM compatible miner and somehow get it to count towards the heliomine scoreboard? And for the shortcut method of running it on windows: 1) Will that still count towards the scoreboard? 2) Any way it could just run in the background without it showing the mining log? I’m trying to do this on several PCs that aren’t mine (with permission ofc) but I don’t want anything that’ll pop up on their screen every time they boot up, or just randomly while they’re using the PC
  22. Hello, 1) Is there any version of Heliomine that i can run on my raspberry pi 3B+ which has an ARM cpu? 2) Can the windows version have an option where it auto starts mining immediately on boot up (not just on idle) and stay mining 24/7 no matter what time it is? Thanks!
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