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  1. Hello Admins, for some reason my subdomain "6502.suranet.eu.org" appears as "deactivated" and I can no longer reactivate it. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I tried to run a script in php and although it didn't work, it caused a fatal error in PHP, at least that's what appears in the log. The script in question is "phpshell" which simulates a command line instance. I think it doesn't work on php8 and may have caused a anomaly. The message I get when entering the subdomain settings page: Warning: This domain (website) was disabled by hosting provider. Thank you in advance!
  2. I just saw it and found it strange, since since my files were moved, I hadn't touched these ".htaccess". Looking now at the contents of these files, I didn't see anything strange there. However, I did some tests and realized that "Options +Indexes" cannot run on this server. I was curious about it. I also realized that I only had success editing my files using FileZilla, with FTP connection and no longer with SFTP. A question: Where did the nginx logs come from? Thank you for your assistance!
  3. But I still have "500 Internal Server Error" problems. The strange thing is that it depends on some circumstances, like accessing the "www" with https. These problem is recurrent in some subdomains with https. EDIT: This issue is not seen on the main domain. OBS: The Admins should take the opportunity of these server changes to stop using this method of adding top-level domains linked to the main domain as a subdomain. Maybe that was the method they found at the time, but is it really necessary?
  4. Dear, since my domains have now been managed by Plesk, I've been having one problem after another, since this could happen I decided to wait, but nothing was solved with time. Two of my domains, as the attached images show, are having a strange problem related to IPs I don't know about, so I'm unable to generate a certificate for them. Some subdomains with (suranet.eu.org) don't work giving me "500 Internal Server Error). As I am unable to delete some domains from there, I would like to take advantage and request deletion of all domains marked as "disabled" and their related subdomains. Thank You!
  5. I already suspected, even though I had a strong password before, I decided to create an even stronger one. Not that it will stop the login attempts, which is annoying.
  6. Hi guys, I have a strange problem in phpMyAdmin, maybe in MariaDB. Look at this high "Failed Attempts". What could be happening? Screenshot: http://ballagyr.sdf.org/shared/pma_failed_attempts.png MariaDB, 10.5.12 and phpMyAdmin, 5.1.1. Thanks! PS: I posted it here because this issue is related to my VPS and I found it convenient to use this same space.
  7. Problem solved, after thinking a lot about what it could be, I forgot something very basic. I just needed to enable https service on CentOS firewall. I use CentOS 7, I chose this distro because i have more familiarity with it. This version will last a lot longer and it's nothing I should be worried about. Anyway, thank you for your attention!
  8. Strange, I configured Let’s Encrypt using certbot, I did everything right. But the domain does not enter as https. What could it be?
  9. I read that HestiaCP is not recommended for use on CentOS. I've seen some alternatives, but practically all recommends installing on a clean system, without any kind of configuration and as you already know, I've done almost everything. Because of this, for now I'm going to avoid using some control panel. Thanks for help guys, I believe that now I can do what I intend, I really had forgotten about Apache's Virtual Host trick.
  10. Yes, I've already configured Apache/MariaDB, including the preconfiguration of the certbot for to use the Let's Encrypt. I'm just having questions regarding setting up domains and subdomains in the VPS. If I put this "HestiaCP", will this task be easier and optimized?
  11. Greetings I recently activated my VPS, basically I've done almost everything to get a server running. However, I would like to know, how do I point some domain I have to Apache. Already considering that I intend to add others independently. I have an active Tommy account, but I don't plan on migrating as I'm setting up a server from scratch. The email tells me that I have a domain (******.heliohost.us), however, it doesn't access Apache, it doesn't even receive a simple "ping". In the email that I received it says that I must use the ip provided in a domain type (A), but does this apply to more than one domain? Subdomains?
  12. OK, thank you for the answer, below I will list the IDs of the two donations I made. PayPal Transactions: 0J613580G12960600 5RP76246VS436983R
  13. Hi, I became interested in the benefits described on the GoFundMe donation page and decided to make a donation. But for some reason I don't know, I can't use GoFundMe, so I opted for PayPal. On this donation page, I read that I was supposed to send an email, after making the donation to (admin@heliohost.org), as I didn't receive a response, I contacted (support@heliohost.org) and after I sent my data, and I have not received any more responses. I don't understand, is this normal? Did I do something wrong? Did I send messages to the right places? I thank the attention.
  14. Now I understand, it is not that the domain will work, but harm the functioning of the server.
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