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Question about Scribus for a book project of mine


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Hi there i dont know if its ok to ask this question here by respect of Helionet. I am from time to time checking some youtube tutorial videos about Scribus, and i cant seem to find out some step by step videos to do what i would like. Maybe you know scribus version 1.4.8 or know someone that know scribus. The thing that i would like is to create some pdf file that can be printed on a 8.5 inch wide by 11 inch lenght paper. The idea i have would be to print 2 pages into one paper page, like if the page printing as panoramic. It's like if one page would be of the height of 8.5 inch and by left to right 5.5 inch (11 inch divided by 2 pages). Some times i even think to divide the 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper size into 4 pages also (so the book is smaller). This to save the amount of paper pages used, to save the amount of ink printed also.

If peoples have infos about creating some manuscript for publisher housing. It is important to know how with Scribus for this type of paper size, to know what is the interior zone for the text and images. What would be the margin from each sides of the page (the interior zone) to put the content into? Because if i put the text and images too much near the border of the paper pages, then the images and text is swallowed into the spine of the book (that would not be good). Also what would be the mathematical calculation so that i know that this size of paper page, this size of number of pages ( = equal ) the interior page zone for the text and images.

What would be also the size of the book cover (mathematical calculation), thinking about the front cover, the back cover and the thickness of the book? The safe interior zone for the book cover size? There is many questions i have on the subject, but for now its to know the safe zones for the page content. Thanks for your time.

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