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[Solved] Suspended: hh_refkaay

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Your account was suspended because our systems detected that you might have more than one account.

We understand that no one ever reads our terms, but as a reminder, our Terms of Service state that each user is allowed to have only one account. The reason we have to enforce this rule is because our servers are already overloaded the way it is, and it wouldn't be fair to everyone that is turned away each day for you to have more than one when so many others have none.

One common reason people create more than one account is to get around our storage limit of 1000 MB. Did you know that we will give you another 1000 MB of storage for each $5 USD donation you make up to 5000 MB total? If you'd like to increase the storage of your account just make a donation and then let us know your transaction ID and username.

Another common reason people create more than one account is to host more than one website. Did you know that you can host as many websites on your one account as you want? Unlike a lot of free hosts we offer unlimited alias domains, unlimited addon domains, and unlimited subdomains. If you need any help adding another website to your account just let us know.

Another common reason people create more than one account is to try out several servers at once, or to transfer a website between accounts on different servers. Did you know that an admin can move your account for you for as little as a $1 USD donation? This will save you the trouble of signing up again, and deleting your account, etc.

Sometimes our systems flags you as possibly having more than one account when you share a computer with family, friends, coworkers, other students, etc. If this is your situation we apologize for the suspension, and we'll be happy to unsuspend all of the involved accounts after you provide proof that each of the accounts belong to a different person.

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