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AutoSSL on Johnny


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We are happy to announce that we've enabled autossl on the Johnny server. If you're on Ricky or Tommy you've already had autossl for years. On Johnny we had it disabled because it causes a lot of load, and people could install ssl certificates themselves manually if they wanted to.


We've decided it is probably worth the extra load to provide ssl to people automatically though. Every website should have encryption. This likely means we won't be able to offer as many accounts as we used to on Johnny though, and the uptime on Johnny might not be as good because of the extra load. We'll try to keep things as balanced as we can. If things don't work out we may have to remove autossl again, but for now we're going to try it out.


If you have a Johnny account you should see ssl get installed automatically over the next few days as the server works its way through the thousands of accounts. You can check the status or exclude domains from autossl through cpanel. If you have any questions or comments we'd love to hear from you. Thanks for being a HelioHost user.

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