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No Free Tommy Signups


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Tommy's uptime has dipped below 99% and high load is causing too many errors for users on this server. That is unacceptable performance for our best server. Unfortunately this means we need to stop offering free signups for a while. Once Tommy's load has balanced out we will reopen free signups again. There is no set eta on when free signups will reopen. It may take a few weeks for the load to dissipate or it may be sooner. We'll let you know.


In the meantime donors can still get a Tommy account. You can move an existing Johnny or Ricky account by making a donation of $1 USD or more, and then post your transaction id and username on the forums. If you don't already have an active account you can simply go to https://www.heliohost.org/tommy/ and donate $1 USD or more and a special Tommy invitation email will be sent to you, usually within seconds, which will allow you to create a Tommy account at any time of the day that is convenient to you.


We hope to set up a new server that is even faster and better uptime than Tommy in the next few months. We don't have a set eta for the new server, but our hope is that it will take a lot of the load off Tommy which will allow us to provide great hosting performance both on Tommy as well as on the new server. So even if you don't move to the new server you should see increased speeds and reduced errors on Tommy once it is set up.

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