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Ricky Has Returned!


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We have finally finished rebuilding Ricky and he will be available to create new accounts starting tonight at midnight UTC, which is a little over an hour from now.


Since it took so much longer to complete this rebuild than we expected we're not going to automatically restore all of the active accounts from before the maintenance started because it's likely most of those people have switched servers or given up entirely at this point. If you had an active Ricky account when he was shutdown please just make a post on the support forum requesting it to be unarchived and we will take care of them one at a time. There was no data lost, and your account can be restored exactly how it was prior to the maintenance.


As a reminder, Ricky is a clean slate which means only a few basic php extensions are currently installed, and only a few python modules are available as well. If you need something added just let us know and we will install things as needed. Also if you had remote postgresql access prior to the rebuild you'll need to request it again. Ricky has the cutting edge python 3.9.5 that was released less than 2 weeks ago, and all the latest versions possible of everything. As before Ricky doesn't support java, asp.net, node.js, etc. If you have questions about what is available just ask.


Once again we must apologize for how much longer it took to complete this rebuild than we expected. We're happy though because Ricky is performing perfectly so far, and is much faster than he was on the older hardware. Thanks for your patience during this extended maintenance.

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