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[Answered] I want to connect to a MySQL database from a database client


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Please I am a student just studying how to use MySQL. Because of the constraints on having a laptop, I am using an iPad to write this, I have decided to register with heliohost to get a web database. But after registering I cannot see my host name and port at cpanel to connect to MySQL from the client I am using. Please can someone teach me how to get the host name and port number? What other parameters do I need to get started.

I have checked the wiki but did not get any help there.

Please I need to do this quickly so I can concentrate on my studies. I have spent more than a day trying to understand it.

Thanks for your help.

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For MySQL Database, the connection parameters are as follows:


  • Host - `yourserver.heliohost.org` (for example, if you are on Johnny, hostname is `johnny.heliohost.org`)
  • Port - 3306 (MySQL default)

Other parameters are database name, database user, and a password. 


Also, remember that if you are trying to connect to the database from any other application other than on the server itself, you need to enable remote connection. To do so, go to Remote MySQL section in cPanel and add a % in Access Hosts.  


I hope that helps. If you need any other information, let us know. :)

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