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How to import big files to PhpMyAdmin

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Hello, guys! I have a huge data table, my concern is if I can't upload it to your server through PhpMyAdmin. This table contains the names of all countries, states and cities of the world. I need it because I'm implementing a sign up form and these data are strictly necessary. I know there must be out there other ways to retrieve that information. But... Is it possible to upload or import over 200MB of data to your PhpMyAdmin? If so, how can I do this? The file is zipped. Thank you   :rolleyes:


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Hi, there, howdy? I'm on Ricky server. Could you please help me? I need those data for retrieving countries, states and cities for my registration form. Well, the file is already there in /home/roguitar/sql/world.sql.gz

I want it to be uploaded to my PhpMyAdmin database, more exactly in roguitar_englishup. The file is too big (over 30MB compressed and in total over 200MB) and I'm asking for your help, because I won't be able to do it manually.


Thank you!  ;)

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You could use a tool like https://philiplb.de/sqldumpsplitter3/ or you could just upload the .sql file to /home/roguitar/filename.sql and ask one of the admins to import it for you.

Well, the file is already there in /home/roguitar/sql/world.sql.gz . I want it to be uploaded to roguitar_englishup


Well, I sent the request in another post/topic: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/36207-help-to-import-a-big-sql-file/

Just to let you know...

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