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suggestion install the cPanel Let's Encrypt plugin


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It's already installed. We can't use it because Let's Encrypt rate limits are way too low. We have thousands upon thousands of accounts that need ssl certificates and Let's Encrypt blocks us when we send that many requests their way. I applied for a higher limit, but never heard back from them. The Comodo certificates that we use are basically the exact same thing though just without the rate limit. 90 days automatically installed and renewed for free.

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90 days for the cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority SSL, exactly like Let's Encrypt that also has 90 days.

And since there is no real rate limit for the cPanel SSL (there is one, but it's so high I don't think any host has reached it), it's better to keep it that way.

You just have to let it run alone, since there is no "Run AutoSSL" button (it's an older version of cPanel that's installed here, except for Johnny, but that one does not have SSL.)


If you really want Let's Encrypt, you are free to use sslforfree.com or zerossl.com. (Wildcards supported)

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