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New skin!


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We need testers for our new skin! It's based on HelioNet and teh original IPB skin, and I tried to make it look good *finger crossed*. I need you guys to kind of beta test it, see if there are any problems, before I set it as the default skin.


Here is how to change your skin to the new "beta" one:

- Click "My Controls" in the upper right hand corner

- Click "Skins and Languages" in the navigational bar on the left, under Options

- Change the "Board 'Skin'" to "HelioNet," and now click "Change My Account Options"


As kinda beta testers, I want you guys to find problems with the new skin (ie, missing pictures, etc.) The following problems I already know about:

- In the header with the logo at the top, the bottom line doesn't cross all the way through

- Some colors are still the same from the previous skin; this is due to my lack of CSS skills :(


I'm working on those problems up there ^^, btw.


So what are you waiting for, get out there and test!

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I'm okay with css, I made a skin on an invisionfree forum using nothing but changed pics and css, maybe I could help.


btw-I have an arcade mod I could probly install for you if you want, but I'd need a temp ftp account and there would be an hour or 2 of downtime, unless you wanted IBStore too, but...

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