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Are we getting phpBB3?


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I don't know much about Fantastico, as I always do these things myself, but I think it is very likely phpBB 3 will be included in the future if phpBB 2 is included now. The current version of phpBB 3 is for testing purposes only. This means that at the moment, only few people use it, which is why there aren't many templates for it yet. When the first stable version of phpBB 3 will be released I'm sure there will be many templates and mods for it.

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There is a phpbb3 rc2. And right now all their doing is getting out all the bugs. It can be used for a live enviroment. And if you have checked out some websites that are allowing members to get phpbb3 templates, they are awesome. Ones that are way better than phpbb2; at least thats what I think.

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