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[Answered] Heliohost Support Phpbb3 Forum Feature Send Email?


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Is Heliohost Support phpBB3 forum??

I have an account on the server heliohost stevie and I install phpBB3 forum.

but because I am afraid my account getting banned so I'll disabled the email feature on my forum board.

Like this picture :



what I want to ask:


1. Can I activate feature Send e-mail? I only need it for feature LOST PASSWORD

2. How many email can be sent in 1 day or 1 hours? so I'm not getting banned from heliohost

3. How can I limit the number of emails sent in one day on phpbb forum?


Please Help me :D

Thanks For Reply

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A suspension isn't the end of the world, it is our way of saying, "Hey, you need to calm down a bit." A suspension is our way of notifying you. The problem is we can't tell legit content from malicious content, so a suspension may seem harsh to some, but it really is not.


My suggestion is to try it. If there is a problem, we will let you know. No harm done, no big deal.

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I am running PHPBB3 on stevie using Gmail for sending mail and these are the setting I use. The board is not that active, only a few a day, and have not tried to send a mass-email yet, which would be more than 50.


These are the settings I use if you want to try to set yours up.


E-mail settings


Enable board-wide e-mails: yes

Users send e-mail via board: yes

E-mail function name: mail

E-mail package size: 5

Contact e-mail address: -- gmail email address --

Return e-mail address: -- gmail email address --




SMTP settings


Use SMTP server for e-mail: yes

SMTP server address: tls://smtp.gmail.com

Authentication method for SMTP: plain

SMTP username: -- gmail email address --

SMTP password: -- gmail password --

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