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[Answered] Questions On Cpanel Login Johnny & Others


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Hi All,


My first Post as I'm new to helionet community. :)


I have a few questions to ask :


1) Johnny is asking me for Login again and again, and even after entering the right password he's doing the same. So I can't enter my cPanel. Yesterday all was good.


Cummon Johnny whats the matter, don't you like the new member :( ?



By The Time I wrote This IRC Chat confirmed that Johnny Is Having Issues. So kindly Ignore this one.

I've kept it for information purpose.


2) Yesterday When I tried using SFTP but the port was not 22 and so I guess Filezilla couldn't log me in. After many tries I went for FTP i.e. port 21. ( Also I guess Johnny had a down time at that time coz FTP didn't respond to my login, after half an hours time I could get in for the First time ). So my question here is how to connect to SFTP.


3) MIME, I have a few images in JPG format but the logs says, 404 File Not Found. I checked MIME handlers and all seemed Good, there was an entry for JPG JPEG & JPE. So whats here now? ( Note: PNG is shown withour any problem ).

I will be adding a font MIME handler too I need that if I face problem there I'll post it, however Right now JPG is an issue.


Thx Buddies for Listening to me and Also in Advance for Replying :)

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I am not sure if SFTP is supported, you can get SFTP information by logging into cPanel, going to FTP Accounts and selecting 'Configure FTP Client' for any account. It will give you the port numbers and hostname you need.


Filenames are case-sensitive on Unix systems, be sure you have your image names typed letter-for-letter.

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