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[Solved] DNS Synchronization Requests


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Since ns1 and ns2 are both on different servers, sometimes the domain records become out of sync and the website fails to work. If you cannot access your domain and you have setup your nameservers correctly, then please use the HelioHost DNS Checker created by Piotr GRD:




On the page, enter your domain or subdomain in the box, and the utility will check whether your domain's record exist on both nameservers (ie. both have 5 records). If the number of records on one nameserver is different from the other, then please post in this topic so the support administrators can fix it.


Please note that if your account is new it might just be a matter of waiting to get your site online. Only post if you have been signed up for over 5 days.



@admins: This is the synch command:

/scripts/dnscluster syncall --full

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