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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys im new to tcp stuff and i want to know if its possible for heliohost to act as a tcp receiver and sender to all client in vb.net Chat program? i tried the TCP.Listener class and TCP.Receiver but i failed to do it. so any help or tip ? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi again, I'm trying to connect to a database remotely via vb.net and have setup remote access and a new user for the database(one which I have not yet used to connect to the database) and I'm getting the error that the user has more active connections than the allowed max_user_connections. The weirder thing is than when i check the process list the named user cezihred_euput isn't even listed, just my cpanel username twice as the user.
  3. My vb.net application won't open connection with MySql server, please help :(/&--#62;
  4. hi guys, I've been wondering why can't I connect my program to remote mysql? I know already about the "%" thing. I've already added that % in my access host. My program is fully working, it can connect to my localhost database, and last year, I successfully connected my program to any hosting sites that allows remote-mysql. here is my code: MySqlConnection.ConnectionString = "database=1269017_rafdb;server=fdb4.awardspace.com;port=3306;user id=1269017_rafdb;password=0q0EVEBGNG" note: sorry I have to remove the code tags, code is getting messy if it is inserted between code tags. do I have to add port? my url in my homepage is: "http://stevie.heliohost.org:2082/frontend/x3/index.html" so I guess my server would be stevie.heliohost.org and port is 2082 (just a guess). is my server correct? please! looking forward to your answer..I already tried many hosting sites, and none of them works!
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